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Resources & Studies

Suggested Supplements:

Methylated Vitamin B12

Pure Encapsulations Methylcobalamin 1,000 mcg - Vitamin B12 Supplement - 180 Capsules:


Magnesium Breakthrough Supplement 4.0 - Has 7 Forms of Magnesium: Glycinate, Malate, Citrate, and More - 30 Capsules:

Get a Little Extra Protein

Fairlife Nutrition Plan High Protein Chocolate 30g Shake, (12 Pack):

Electrolytes/Shaker Bottle

Ice Shaker 26 Oz Shaker Bottle, Stainless Steel Water Bottle and Protein Shaker:


LMNT Zero-Sugar Electrolytes:

Syringes/Alcohol Pads

EasyTouch U-100 Insulin Syringe with Needle, 30G 0.5cc 5/16-Inch (8mm), Box of 100:


Care Touch Alcohol Wipes Individually Wrapped - Prep Pads with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, Swabs 400 Count :

Links to Studies:

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